Good To Be Back

Well, it is certainly exciting to be back drawing Conduit Flux. Even during the hiatus I never stopped thinking about the strip as this was one of my primary reasons for the hiatus. A reworking of the storyline was in need and I wanted to make sure that when I was ready to return I had no reason to stop the strip again so it can run straight through to it's conclusion.

Yes, Conduit Flux has a conclusion and it's outline is written, almost in stone. With what I have already written as Act II,(We are now just about out of Act I) I believe CF will run for at least another year before we get to Act III.

Knowing exacly where I want to go with the strip definitely helps with getting from point A to B to C now, and I have no doubt it will be fun getting to each. I hope you are as excited as I am that CF is back and I appreciate your readership!

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In 1948, twenty-one years before man landed on the moon, the United States secretly reached the stars and beyond. After opening a conduit to another galaxy, Captain Lucas Masterson finds himself in an unknown galaxy in the future. After the conduit unexpectly collapses, Masterson must now find a new way home.

Conduit Flux: By Don Oskowski

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