Pelagorian Encyption

Man, those Pelagorians are one smart cookies, aren't they? Well, they can't be that smart if someone actually broke the code and was able to duplicate the beacon signal of The Traveler. Hmmm,I wonder?

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Lord Phirantus and his lacky Lempix

I've been waiting a long time to introduce Lord Phirantus. Now, Lempix was actually design to be used as an entirely different character, but thought it would be fun to use him as the Lord's lackey and comedic relief. I think it helps that he doesn't look all too evil. He's become a favorite of mine real quick as I continue to write the story out.

Phirantus's design came from art deco. I originally wanted Conduit Flux to have a Art Deco theme. One of the first website designs I had, spoke to this as it had a very strong Art Deco design. If Phirantus was a Transformer, he would be an Art Deco Fan. As soon as I saw this picture, I knew I had my main villain. next week you'll catch a better glimpse of Lord P.

And as mentioned last week the individual in the pod goes by the name of, "The Traveller". You can say, he has picked up a lot of Galactic Frequent Travel Miles. But, more to come of him in the coming weeks.

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CAST of characters

Added a new Home Made Flash Widget, providing snippets of the Characters Bios. I'll be adding more as we add to the cast over the next few months.

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Episode 18

Artistically, not one of my crowning achievements. Probably because I had to borrow from Episode 9, to mirror the appearance of the pod that shares a striking resemblance of the pod from Episode 9. So I don't feel like this strip is too imaginative, but what can you do, right?

Next week we find out the name of this particular individual inside the pod. Although there are a lot of similarities between episode 9 and 18, can anyone see some differences? There's the obvious, and then there is a not so obvious. There's a BIG reason for it, but we won't find out for quite awhile! Sorry. :)

Comment, Twit, or e-mail ( tell me what you think!

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Time Will Tell

This strip was fun to draw. Especially the face hugger. The next few weeks we'll be delving into WHAT Conduit Flux will be about. I'm looking forward to it. I hope you all are too.


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A Looney Human, an Alien with Memory loss and a Doctor made from an empty box and hoses? I smell sitcom! So while I wait for the TV execs to give me a call. Enjoy Thursday's comic.

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Episode 15

It's late, I don't have much to say. Sorry. Enjoy the strip. Leave a comment or drop me a line at I'd love to hear from you.


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Talk about a bad past few couple of weeks. Lost in Space And you find out that not just your family is dead, you're the last human alive.

This strip had a few different looks. The panel with the incinerated skeleton was not planned. Originally it was just the shadow behind the smoke but I felt the strip was too boring. So I included the incineration of his friend, as all died on Earth from the Heat Ray.

Speaking of the Heat Ray, where did it come from? Who is behind sending the Heat Ray to Earth?

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First Contact

I have been looking forward to introducing another character to the story as it's just been Masterson and of course Doctor Medkit.

As for MOnday's strip, it will be late Monday night when it will be up. Well, not much to say with this edition. Till Monday Night...


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Don Oskowski

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In 1948, twenty-one years before man landed on the moon, the United States secretly reached the stars and beyond. After opening a conduit to another galaxy, Captain Lucas Masterson finds himself in an unknown galaxy in the future. After the conduit unexpectly collapses, Masterson must now find a new way home.

Conduit Flux: By Don Oskowski

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