Sundays's: Inside the Conduit

Here is the first of hopefully a bi-weekly discussion that is Conduit Flux. Here I'll show some concepts from time to time as well as discuss past, present and perhaps even future story arcs.

Here's one of my latest sketches of a character to soon make their appearance somewhere down the road in the universe of Conduit Flux.

I've been working on another character too, but that character is TOP SECRET as it pertains to a major (if not THE) plot point with Conduit Flux.

Now back to the guy on the right. The concept and origin of this character and its species have seen a few changes. Some of it has to do with recent story changes that have helped evolve the overall story arc.


I've always have known what Conduit Flux was about, but the challenge is making it more richer with it's characters and plot. I often find myself jotting notes down while I am at work or out and about.

A few weeks ago even when I knew how Conduit Flux was going to end, a major "Game Changer" popped into my head. It not only, I feel anyways, created a new dimension to the story but helped the development of not just Masterson, but was able to give even more motive to many of the story points I had developed. It didn't change how Conduit Flux is going to end, that concept can't change.

It was one of those ideas that came out of nowhere and I mean that. As I laid my head down to crash for the night and the moment my mind for once for the day went blank, a image popped into my head for no reason. No thought appeared to invoke it. It was just there. A gift, perhaps?
Regardless, I'll take it.


The difficult part of getting a great idea is to keep continuity. There's ideas that I have that may or may not get into CF, but the ones I do use I always need to make sure I'm not contradicting myself. I myself will go back and read (as I did last night) the whole strip again. There' always a conversation I might have forgotten about, that I may be able to use later. Whether that's as a joke or to utilize an idea I have now, that I might not had at the time. I also remind myself of how inconsistent I was with drawing Masterson back then too. I have my time lines all drawn out as to who is where and when and what they do from there. Paradoxes. Don't get me started on paradoxes. I've decided that with time travel it is impossible to avoid paradoxes. You can for story sake ignore them or make them your friend. Let's say I stand somewhere in the middle.


I can't tell you how excited the present of CF is for me. CF is still in it's infant stage and I can't imagine what CF will look like 40 strips from now as I compare Strip 1 to Strip 40. When dealing with a story that includes time travel, I'm always finding myself concentrating on the stories in the past and the stories in the future... I know presently we are in the future as the story goes, but I mean the future. That's what I mean. At time I got to stop myself from getting CF too convoluted and try to to stay in the present. It's not easy, but I manage.

See you Thursday


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Imprisoned in Time

Time Travel Violations are never a good thing. Especially when it involves the annihilation of a species of whom committed the crime. Hopefully the Travelers dad will have some answers. He can't be that bad, since Phirantus has him imprisoned, right?

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Lawyers is Spaaaace!

They are everywhere, lawyers that is. Geez.

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Good To Be Back

Well, it is certainly exciting to be back drawing Conduit Flux. Even during the hiatus I never stopped thinking about the strip as this was one of my primary reasons for the hiatus. A reworking of the storyline was in need and I wanted to make sure that when I was ready to return I had no reason to stop the strip again so it can run straight through to it's conclusion.

Yes, Conduit Flux has a conclusion and it's outline is written, almost in stone. With what I have already written as Act II,(We are now just about out of Act I) I believe CF will run for at least another year before we get to Act III.

Knowing exacly where I want to go with the strip definitely helps with getting from point A to B to C now, and I have no doubt it will be fun getting to each. I hope you are as excited as I am that CF is back and I appreciate your readership!

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The Return One Day Early

Welcome Back. Conduit Flux has returned! As we return we also say goodbye to "Neither here or there". It's good to be back. Enjoy!

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Don Oskowski

Don lives in New Hampshire and is the creator of Conduit Flux. You can either contact him at or

In 1948, twenty-one years before man landed on the moon, the United States secretly reached the stars and beyond. After opening a conduit to another galaxy, Captain Lucas Masterson finds himself in an unknown galaxy in the future. After the conduit unexpectly collapses, Masterson must now find a new way home.

Conduit Flux: By Don Oskowski

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