Lord Phirantus and his lacky Lempix

I've been waiting a long time to introduce Lord Phirantus. Now, Lempix was actually design to be used as an entirely different character, but thought it would be fun to use him as the Lord's lackey and comedic relief. I think it helps that he doesn't look all too evil. He's become a favorite of mine real quick as I continue to write the story out.

Phirantus's design came from art deco. I originally wanted Conduit Flux to have a Art Deco theme. One of the first website designs I had, spoke to this as it had a very strong Art Deco design. If Phirantus was a Transformer, he would be an Art Deco Fan. As soon as I saw this picture, I knew I had my main villain. next week you'll catch a better glimpse of Lord P.

And as mentioned last week the individual in the pod goes by the name of, "The Traveller". You can say, he has picked up a lot of Galactic Frequent Travel Miles. But, more to come of him in the coming weeks.

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