Mister Tamin

When I was creating Conduit Flux the character Mr. Tamin came from just a simple doodle for a "Men in Black" kind of character. Now if you refer to Episode 4, where Mr. Tamin makes his first appearance as the head of M12. Now if you're a long time reader, you may notice I took some liberties and went back and changed Mr. Tamin's physical appearance and instead of being the head of "The Agency", he is now head of M12, which we all know now is Majestic 12. Had to do as the story changed and developed. I also needed to make Mr. Tamin look a bit older in Ep 4, tp reflect Masterson's observation in Ep 35.

Now Mr. Tamin was always suppose to have a larger role, but that role changed recently of which I can not speak of. :) As his aging and ability to be at this crash landing of The Traveler is more than just coincidental.

Episode 35 is for the absence of this past Thursday. I do expect to have another up by Thursday. This current story line should be getting tied up real soon so we can get back to Flick and also find out what Lord Phirantus is up to, too.


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In 1948, twenty-one years before man landed on the moon, the United States secretly reached the stars and beyond. After opening a conduit to another galaxy, Captain Lucas Masterson finds himself in an unknown galaxy in the future. After the conduit unexpectly collapses, Masterson must now find a new way home.

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