Masterson Does the Math

Two more strips of our current location and we then get back to Flick. This whole visit has lasted about 5 strips longer than I anticipated. I don't know about you, but I'm starting to miss Flick.

Guest Stripping X-Mas over at Brock Heasley's Superfogeys is now running. You can catch my Guest strip here as Brock was kind enough to post it back on Monday. I will also be adding to this guest strip as soon as I can get to drawing it. The idea for the strip grew into something larger, but only submitted a single strip version for simplication, but as Brock usually does he's alway interested in other people perspective on his SF world and is more than interested in finding out what I origininally had planned. So look for that the next couple of weeks!

Have a fun and safe New years eve,

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