Episode 22 delayed till tonight.

Sorry for the delay, I usually upload the Episodes the night before, but forgot what day it was and went to bed without doing so, till I got into work today and realized what I had done. So, I'll have a new Ep up tonight at some point.


The episode is now up! So Flick it is. With the Retrieval Drone arriving on the scene, things appear to only be getting worse for Masterson. Is this guy ever going to catch a break?

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In 1948, twenty-one years before man landed on the moon, the United States secretly reached the stars and beyond. After opening a conduit to another galaxy, Captain Lucas Masterson finds himself in an unknown galaxy in the future. After the conduit unexpectly collapses, Masterson must now find a new way home.

Conduit Flux: By Don Oskowski

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