Brace For Impact

Not much, but needed to move the story along. Once again, I am sorry for the delay. This would have been up last night, but I left all of my art supplies at work. I got some strips finished today, so I got my buffer back and will be back to schedule next week.

Also, if you are having any issues viewing any of the strips, please let me know what number Episode and what Browser you are using. I've been aware of it for some time but, can't figure out why. I use Firefox and I do not have any issues, but I have found issues with IE 8. Thank you.

And I have opened up the comment section to Everyone, you no longer need to be a member of Blogger to leave a comment, Feel free to drop me a line. I know you guys are out there. Unless my Mom is not letting on to her ability to hack into computer systems all over the world to appear people are viewing the site from multiple locals on Earth. That's Moms for you.

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